We can remodel your old bathroom the way you want it, to update the old fixtures or to replace your old tub. We can add granite tops to your sinks, or laminate tops. We can tile the floors or use linolium. We can replace your tub with a fibeglass tub/shower unit or add in a whirlpool tub.

Fun Bathrooms - This bathroom the customer added in their basement. She wanted it to be a fun bathroom so she gave us pictures to work off of. We built the sink and used basic valves to turn the water on. We added a shower and toliet they didn't have before. We used steel for some of the walls and painted the rest. The floor we used rubber flooring used in commercial bathrooms. This is a very fun bathroom.

Basement Bathroom - If you need a place to get away at home you can do as this customer did. They addeed a bathroom in their basement with a whirlpool, mirrors and a double shower. We tiled the area around the tub and the floors. This is a "getaway from it all" bathroom!

Remodeled bathroom - This bathroom was completely updated, with a new tub sink and toliet. We tiled the floor, half walls and the walls in the shower. This has made a very eligate bathroom for the home owner.

Elegant Bathroom - This bathroom the customer wanted to remodel their old bathroom and add a whirlpool tub/shower, a vanity for his wife, marble tile on the floors and wall and granite tops. This is a top of the line bathroom!

Executive Bathrooms - This bathroom has everything, it has a transparent mirror that allowed us to put a HDTV behind it. You can not see the TV when it is off (photo five) but when you turn it on the light from the picture shows thru and you never actualy see the TV frame. This bathroom also has a shower that is completely enclosed. This was for the steamer we installed in this unit. It also has a "rain" shower head, regular shower head, four body jets, and a hand held wand. There is an air-whirlpool tub in the corner. Instead of water, air jets message you while bathing. No water sitting in the lines when not in use. There is a towel warmer for their towels and the tile floor is heated so it is warm when then get up in the morning. What more could you ask for!

Cool Bathroom - This bathroom is really cool! The sink has the faucet in the mirror so the water comes out of the mirror! The water then collects in a vessel that over flows into a basin that drains out, all this sits on top of a piece of granite, what a cool setup! The shower is tiled half walls and glass the rest of the way up and a solid glass door. The whole room is done in one tile color but textured on the floor, unpolished on the shower floor and polished on the walls.